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CQL 3.0 inch R8 Hyperboloid Bi-led Projector Lens

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*Projector Lens: HD Clear glass lens, output light is evenly and wider. Latest hyperboloid optical lens which divided to 2 parts,low beam and high beam will pass through different parts of lens, improve the brightness of 30%.

*Solenoid: Strong and powerful magnetic solenoid to allow more light through the lens, improves the lens performance and illuminate further down the road.

*Reflector: Aluminum reflection cups and anti high temperature provides the bi-led lens with longer lifespan.

*LED Chips: 6 LED at high low beam + 3 extra LED at high beam.The 3 extra LED at high beam through the small convex lens making the highlights super focus and illuminate 30% further down the road.

*Cooling Style: Built-in heat-sink fan, cooler 40% than others.

*LED Driver: Built-in intelligent driver for easy and fast installation.

*Fan: High speed silent turbo fan, 12000rpm.

*Cooling System: With high quality cooling fan and aluminum heat dissipation module, high efficiency heat dissipation. Fast speed ball bearing fan but with much more silent sounds and reliable quality.

*Cutoff Line: The lens cutoff line is nice and sharp, perfect beam pattern without blind zone and dark spots.

*Low Beam: With obviously tangent, wide angle design, accurate focus point. Nice and sharp cut-off line, perfect beam pattern without blind zone and dark spots.

*High Beam: Accurate focus length, long spotlight, no astigmatism. A properly distributed and wide beam pattern.